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Welcome to Twain 2, South Africa

Are You On The Same Page?
Whether at work or at home, Twain2 provides the platforms necessary to ensure that you and your world are on the same page.

Twain2 is a turnkey solution provider for the Executive Business and Residential Sectors. We furnish Boardrooms, Council Chambers, Houses of Parliament, Courts, Conference Venues, Committee Rooms, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls, Training Centre’s, Executive and Administrative offices and private Home Cinemas.
Twain2 secures functional platforms through integration of our products, enabling Executives to provide their organisations with effective leadership, fulfilling their mandates through pure communication.

Our range for the Executive sector includes, but is not limited to:

  • Turnkey projects for New Chambers, Boardrooms, Auditoriums and Conference Centers
  • Upgrading and refurbishment of existing Chambers and Boardrooms
  • Conceptually superior Audio Visual systems
  • Audio Visual Automation systems for Boardrooms and Auditoriums
  • Residential Automation Systems
  • Home Cinema’s
  • Public Address and Evacuation systems
  • Commercial and Bespoke Conference desks and Chairs
  • State of the Art digital intelligent recording and minute/transcription solutions

Research & development ensures that integration
of our products is continually enhanced.


Twain2 is positioned to manage and execute any interior furbishing of “Meeting Venues” and Home Cinema’s as a supplier of first instance. Meeting Venues includes places where people congregate for the purpose of training, discussion and decision-making and multi purpose venues such as Auditoriums and Conference Centres that may also be utilized for entertainment purposes such as weddings and cultural festivals.

Desking and Seating solutions from Twain 2, Mpumalanga, South Africa Audio visual Solutions from Twain 2, Mpumlanaga, South Africa

Twain 2 Conferencing Solutions South Africa