Twain2 Solutions for the Meeting Market

Twain2 offers a full spectrum product line for the Meeting Market, from the Twain2 FVM microphone for small meetings of up to 10 participants, right up to systems capable of handling 60 delegates.

The FVM microphone is particularly well positioned for Human Resource and similar applications whose meetings are fequently held at different locations that requires minimum setup.

The Twain2 EVM desktop gooseneck conference system can be deployed either as a portable system or as a desktop installation. The fact that it is a 12 Volt DC powered system means that it is particularly well suited for Municipal Ward meetings [community halls, school halls] and Lekgotla’s that are often held in rural areas where power supply is either non-existant or unreliable. The complete system can be powered directly from a vehicle’s 12 Volt socket and together with the DC-DC Converters Laptop computers can also be powered. The EVM range is also at home in boardrooms as a Desktop installation.

The Twain2 FLM flushmount system is similar in function to the EVM system but it is a permanently installed solution where aesthetics is an important consideration. This system features an integrated 150watt 70volt sound re-inforcement system. The FLM system can be configured for up to 60 microphone units.

Notes2 is a cost effective recording and minute solution that empowers it’s users to ensure that audio quality is not compromised. This ensures quick turnaround of subsequent documentation. Easy to setup and even easier to use. Its intuitive user interface ensures that training of staff is almost unnecessary. Notes2 can be deployed on Windows Based computers and laptops. From XP through to Windows 8, and as such it can be used with any existing Conference system.

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