Twain2 Home Automation Services

Twain2's Home Automation solutions range from state-of-the art Home Cinemas with highly acclaimed Audio solutions from Sunfire Audio and Oppo Bluray Players partnered with Projector Lifts, Motorized Screens and Curtains. Dimmable LED and Effect lighting ensures Cinematic experiences that most people can only dream of.

Home Security and Electrical costs can be easily managed and controlled – literally from your fingertips. The Elan g! Home Automation system allows remote control of your home from iPad’s iPods, Tablets and Smart phones based on the Android platform as well as any Internet connected computer. With abilities ranging from being able to select connection to any of your installed CCTV cameras and view in real-time who is doing what at home, you are no longer left in the dark. You can communicate with your pool pump, your irrigation system – in short, you are in control.

Our partnership with Elan Systems South Africa ensures that we have access to top brands and we remain up to date with the technical side of technology.

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